Tuesday, November 29, 2011

~Wonderful blog Of The Day~

Hello everyone!
Recently we've been too busy with essays but we had the time to check some cute blogs to share with you
Today in the spotlight is Sweet Spy Necessities
Lilly, the owner, makes great posts and often some tutorials, like this one:
Seems interesting? go check it out here

Have a nice day
Bubble & Licorice

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cream Cheese Cookies

Hi everyone! :)
Today we'll share with you a new dessert recipe
Cream Cheese Cookies!
The taste is amazing and they come out really soft
so you should definately try making these :)

So keep on reading for the recipe :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Long time, No see

We are back!
From where you may ask..
Well, the last few weeks we both had exams at our universities which we finished on Monday  

And we were flying to London on Tuesday morning to visit my sister for a week!
so obviously we had NO time to make a post, 
and I'm really sorry about that. 

However, we took loads of photos which we'll upload as soon as we can, 
and you should look forward to some more tutorials we have in mind

A big thank you to all our new subscribers!

Sneak pick from London 

Ok ok I'm kidding. But, they'll be up soon.  XD

Didn't find my usual grammar and spelling mistakes in the post?
And yes I linked it, so I can remember it.. what? 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Today was a beautiful day so me and Gracie went out fabric shopping
we know a store downtown that sells
awesome fabrics for only 1,24 euros!
bargain right?
We've spent hours in there trying to find nice fabrics and you should thank us, as we are going to use most of them to post tutorials.
We did it all for you XD
we bought around 20 m of fabric.
i guess we needed a new wardrobe...

Yup i know that red fabric's awesome. Only Gracie disagree :P
I don't even know where to store all the fabric we've bought
and my hands still hurt from carrying it around
But it was only 1,24 per metre... i mean really!
i'll even make curtains if i have to!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dinner + New Outfit

Even though my schedule is really tight (cause of the exams)
I went out to dinner and had a great time this weekend.
I wore one of my favorite dresses and made a quick little bow to match ;) 
This dress is so cute! I love the pattern and wish i knew where i could buy more like it (for a reasonable price)
I bought it from a second hand in New York and 
made the cut-out heart myself.
It was tricky to make though, but I think it turned out fine (with my mom's help!)

So anyway, this was the place: 
and the food we ordered :
what can i say? Delicious Food is Delicious!
We didn't order much, cause it was late, but I'm definitelygoing back to that place. 

if you like the look, hype me ;)


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