Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Inspiring Collection

Yesterday I saw the spring collection of Jean Paul Gautier and for the first time I really liked some of the designs 
Take a look 



My favourite dress was this one
which is the most perfect dress I've ever seen!
It's big and pink and makes the waist even smaller.
Although the element that makes this dress irresistable is the combination with the pink hair(wig)!
This collection was obviously inspired by Amy Winehouse and I must say that I was really amazed with the result because it is accurate and trully original!

So what do you think about the collection?


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finger Waves

Lately I've been trying to change my hairstyle
I really love vintage hairstyles and Dita Von Teese seems to have the perfect hair.
So I searched on how can I achieve this look and I found many ways to do it.
The original look is this:
and it's mainly done on wet hair , so many tutorials on youtube demonstrate how you can achieve this look on wet hair
Althought there is a method that you can have the same result on dry hair
This is how it was done on the 30's with the old curling irons 
The similar item that is used today is the 3barrel waver that creates amazingly great finger waves but it's hard to find it in Greece and I wouldn't like to buy it online because of the incompatibility in watts.
So the only way to create this look is with the ordinary curling iron and takes tooooo much time...
This is the result when I tried it οn Christmas
Althought it's a pretty decent result I ould prefer it a little bit more curly
like this
Anyway I don't know what else should I do with my hair  so if you have any suggestions I would be really glad to hear them :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hair change & reviews on red dyes

Hi everyone :D
In this previous post i lightened my hair in order to make a dramatic color change.
Well it turned out not so dramatic for the simple fact i already had a similar color in the past and it might have been even bolder. I promise I'll post pictures of it in the near future as I will post my timeline :)
So anyway on to the results:
So here it is! Do you like it?? I think it looks awesome!!
I loooove the color it's bold but deep not cheap looking.. And it's soooo shiny...

Me and Gracie followed a difficult procedure though and we used two different red dyes to achieve this.
Both permanent.

1)Sicura proffesional in extra red

Note that the sicura dye is a mix tone! I never knew it could be used straight on the hair without mixing it with the dye but it actually did. Well the only reason i bought this color was that the girl that suggested it to me told me that it would fade to a nice pink color. So i hope it does cause I'm hating the orange color so much!!! And it wasn't such a shiny color either... So i wouldn't recommend it...

2) Feria l'oreal in p67

My god i didn't know that such a dye existed. You have to put it on towel dried hair and it's so easy to put it on and has sooo much product. And the shade is amazing!
I only left it on for about 8 minutes and i have this shiny result! Sounds awesome right?? WRONG
After a little research online i found out that Feria is a metallic dye which in simple English means if you try mixing it with common dyes or if you try bleaching the hair you might end up burning your hair (or have no result). And I'm GLAD i only put it on for 8 minutes!!! DON'T BUY FERIA FROM L'OREAL. I know it's a beautiful color but it's just not worth it!!

OK so you can't tell from the picture but I've actually tried for a two-toned look
maybe the following picture will help you out
the one on the left is the feria dye and the one on the right is the result from the sicura dye

So i guess my hair job kinda fail while managing to look cute in the same time hahahaha
sounds weird right??

Next time I'll be even more careful about the products i use in my hair. And that's the last product I'll buy from that stupid brand l'oreal. I think you all know that they keep testing on animals and all that right? yep
Burn in hell l'oreal!

So anyway back to my hair!

I wanted a two toned look. Half head of a bright shade of red and half head of a darker shade of red.
I'll use semi permanent dyes for this..

So what do you think??? Do you like the change?
Maybe I'll post a video or snap sots of the procedure..


PS. I should definitely do a strand test next time i dye my hair......
Not sponsored review

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Booze Athens

Hello everyone! Last night I went with my bf for a drink in one of my favourite places in Athens.
It's called Booze and it is in the centre of Athens.
I really like this place because it has chickens standing above you.Some of the chickens are even dressed!

The most exciting part is at the first floor of the bar you litteraly walk on a glass.

Thank god I was wearing pants and not a skirt :P I wish I could go out whenever I wanted but unfortunately I have to study because the exam period in my university is about to start. The most awful part is that I wont be able to celebrate Valentine's Day because of my strict schedule. Anyway I would like to say good luck to everyone who is about to have exams 
I feel the same way


Monday, January 23, 2012

Hair Lightener Review

Hi everyone!
I made a post a few days ago where i mentioned i would like a hair change.
I appreciated your lovely suggestions but I decided to do something totally different.. 

Today I made the first step towards my dream hair with the help of Gracie (you know her, the co-owner of the blog)
So anyway, in this post I'll review Syoss lightener. 

This product is supposed to lift your hair up to 6 levels and doesn't contain ammonia. Well, since i had already colored hair I didn't really expect to become blond anyway.

so here's my hair before:
This color was really close to my natural color but i had like 5cm roots so it doesn't show.

I applied the product on my hair (it was a little difficult to spread) and left it for about 30-40 min.

my hair afterwards:
The color is closest to the picture on the left but on the picture on the right is what we were trying to achieve, but we only made it happen at the roots haha

Well my hair didn't seem able to lighten up more than this (at the already dyed part) which is ok by me since i didn't really want to go much lighter. But if you are looking for a product to make you blond i don't think this product is enough. You will have to bleach multiple times obviously.

>It didn't damage my hair but then again i applied a very good conditioning afterward so we will see.

>It was cheap.

>It didn't lift my hair as it was supposed to.

I know it looks weird because this is not the final result! :D
Stay tuned!


ps. my hair looks like fryed but it isn't. I just have curly hair that look stupid when brushed out.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random journal: Blogspot plays tricks on me

Hi everyone, hope you had a great day
cause i didn't
well i did until now. ARGH not even CAPS LOCK can show how mad i am!! really!
I just made this wonderful post about how i spent my uninteresting day studying. And when i published it BAM nothing. Empty.

Anyway, i would call it a day but i already spent some time making this photo. It is me, studying in my uni. taking pictures before i hit the books.
Yeah, and i have exams on a lesson that includes statistics and crap like that. Not the easy delightful statistics. But the stupid ones, with the graphs and the weird equations and more stuff i don't know their name in english.

So yeah this a random journal.
i hope you guys like it, because i find journals an excellent way to keep posts coming and update the blog while you don't have the time to make more decent ones like the dyis i'm dying to post..
oh well

More news?

I'm thinking of dying my hair and maybe cutting it. If you have ANY suggestions i will gladly take them in consideration. I'm thinking of posting a timeline soon so you will get a better idea.

Phew, at least i'm over the whole post erased randomly thing.

I'll go work on my online bakery project for school now~

Have a wonderful day!


ps. I tried to post this yesterdat multiple times but for some reason while on "compose" mode everything seemed perfect when i switched to "Edit HTML" mode everything disappeared. Today i switched to firefox and i think it was a success. But i'll contact blogger and figure this out...
it will propably be one of those :"clear you cache" etc things

Friday, January 6, 2012


Hi everyone!Long time no see right?
well what can i say, it's been an extremely busy vacation for both of us and maybe we will post our Christmas adventures.. or maybe not(?)  I can't really promise you anything..

But today i spent a great part of my day creating buttons for this blog and attempting to design a new blog header. Not that we have to but i really hate the navigation bar.  The blog itself is fine i guess but it can always improve. But the most important thing is: I love playing around in photoshoP! Yes i admit >_<

I can spent my whole day finding brushes manipulating images and searching tutorials on photoshop.
Sad thing is I usually don't know what i'm doing since I don't use it professionaly so I can't post any tutorial. My work is usally sloppy anywayz.

So you can definately check out our buttons. On the left you can see this beautiful image of a button (duh!) leading you to our buttons.

Moreover, we have 2-3 tutorials ready with pictures we want to post but tutorials need a LOT of time to be ready but i hope they'll be up soon.

Oh but i'll post some old failed ideas i made just because. (Searches in photobucket)

ps. I just had to post this, Gracie made it, it is outdated now but i love it!

fan art (sic)



Monday, January 2, 2012

Wonderful blog Of The Day

Hi everyone! we are really sorry we haven't posted for a while but Christmas is such a busy holiday.. hehe
But we'll be back in posting more regularly so don't worry :) Meanwhile you should check out the wonderful blog of Lauren, and here is a little intro of hershelf along with some pictures i found in her blog and made a collage :) They are so lovely!


Hi my name is Lauren, I'm 22 & I live with my lovely husband Luke on the Central Coast, Australia. I blog over at Tastes Like Love about my adventures with my friends & Luke & where I share my illustrations of cute girls and animals. I like picnics, tetris, tea, blogs, floral dresses, bicycles, box sets and movie nights and ping pong. Stop by & say hello!

Hope you all had great vacations!
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