Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Venus rose necklace

Hello everyone! The purpose of today's post is to remind everyone that I still exist and to show off this super cute necklace that me and Gracie made! It's pretty cool isn't it? The idea was to take the Venus symbol (the symbol of feminism) and create a statement jewelry. 
You might have thought that feminism was just Gracie's thing due to the number of feminism related posts she made (ex 1, 2 ,3). But I support feminism as well (why wouldn't I?) but it's kinda difficult for my engineer brain to write in a literary way. But I try my best! I feel such a badass wearing this and I hope people will see this and recognise the meaning behind it. Sorry for the face spam but today was a good hair day as well (keep in mind that it has been raining for 2 days straight and it's really a miracle I don't have an Afro yet)  
In other news, and totally irrelevant from the picture and the post, I went to London this week to visit my sister with my friend Efi. So expect 2-3 post with pictures of myself having fun (and mainly eating food) in London. Exciting! But seriously now, check out how awesome the blue frame turned out! Tomorrow morning I'll go buy a real chain (or string, I haven't decided yet) and this will become even more beautiful. 
Gah, I wish more people would wear quirky and colorful necklace, it's the perfect way to lighten up all these dark winter clothes we are wearing.  And we'll make more to match any hair color haha
I hope you guys liked this as well and please if you have ANY idea of feminism related jewelry tell me in the comments! I need more of these kind of necklaces (or rings or earrings or whatever!)



  1. It's a lovely necklace and you look beautiful! :)

  2. love the necklace and your hair is so amazing!


  3. Loved the necklace!!



  4. you have an amazing blog!


  5. The name matches you - it's the most bubbly & colorful place ever...
    I pesonaly, preffer big rings... & when it comes to feminism... be a lady :D just write what's on your woman mind.

  6. Your hair is so awesome and the neckline is so cute!
    You can still participate on the giveaway, ends only on 16th December.

  7. Very nice!!Keep up your great job!

    I also noticed that the necklase matches perfectly with your wall in the background..!Haha!

    D 27/4

  8. love love love your hair. i'd die for those curls.


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