Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mua Cosmetics Review

Mua Cosmetics have become really famous lately so I was extremely tempted to buy them all because everyone described them as a really good brand!
Guess what.. they are right!(spoiler alert)

So I didn't waste any time and I bought 7 lipsticks a blusher and an eyeliner!

Let's start with the lipsticks
I couldn't decide which color I liked the best so I took almost all of them!
These are the colors that I have chosen and I wrote the number of the shades under the lipsticks.
So as you can see I bought the shades 1 , 2, 3, 7 , 10 , 13 and 16
So I really loved all the colors I purchased because they were really vibrant and the pigment was just amazing :)
They are long lasting lipsticks and I use them everyday.
Also they make my lips so soft!

The blusher was easy to apply and gave me a natural glow!
I mean none knew that I wear a blusher :)

Finally last but not least I purchased this eyeliner and the most exciting element about it is the pencil sharpener on the pencil's cap!(best discovery ever!!!)
 I loved this dark black color!

Overall I have to say that I'm fully satisfied with all the products..
Although I have to admit that my favourite product of the brand is the 3d shade lipstick, this color matches my skin tone perfectly and you can see me wearing it here!
From now on mua is officially my favorite brand 
because of their amazing products,
 great quality 
and of course their affordable prices :)

Have you ever tried mua cosmetics?
What's your opinion about them?


Friday, February 24, 2012

Bunny Princess

Hello everyone!!!
Today I wanna share with you my make up and costume for the Carnival celebrations this weekend!
Tonight I have to go to a  costume party and I decided to dress up as a Bunny Princess!
So this is my costume 

and this is my make up

As you can see I have painted a bunny nose and whiskers :)
I hope you all have a great weekend!
What will be your costume this year??


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cute Bags

Hello everyone!!
So few days ago we went on a walk with Licorice and we saw these amazing boxes for kid's puzzles!
As you can see for yourself!
I would buy one just because they are so cute :)
Just look at this one with the little animals and the lion that smiles :)
Unfortunatelly the bags are made out of paper so it won't be too long until they are totally damaged..
Why kids toys these days are so beautiful??

Anyway I would also like to tell you that we've ordered from mua cosmetics many products and we can't wait to receive them!
When we get do we will definitely do a review to all the products!
Have a nice day :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My pink heart dress

Yesterday was Valentine's day and I went out for a romantic dinner with my bf :)
I made a dress just for this day and I couldn't wait to wear it for the first time!
This pink dress is handmade and as you can see in this close up it's perfect for this day of the year because it's pink with hearts!!

Also I did my make up inspired by Adele's grammy look
It was a really awesome night because we went to Hard Rock for a dinner and then for a drink at a jazz bar :)

Although when I got home I realised something terrible!!!!
As you can see I'm wearing fake lashes, the brand I used was essence
I used this pair and I glued them with the glue that's in this package because I was too lazy to find my own glue
so when I tried to take them off IT WAS JUST IMPOSSIBLE!!!
I used alsmost all the glue remover I had but they were still glued on my own lashes!!
I was scared to death, I even tried to remove them with my cleansing cream and hot water!
Anyway after 1 hour I removed the false lashes but I feel that I have to warn you NOT TO USE THE ESSENCE GLUE!!!!

What you did on Valentine's day?
Have you ever used essence products?


Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Dress

Valentine's is the most loving day of the year
Every February I'm waiting for the 14th to come!!
This day is dedicated to the one's we love, this special occasion demands a special outfit.
I usually prefer dresses in pink or red!
I was really impressed when I saw Zooeys dress because it is exactly what I had in my mind for this year!
Other inspirations for my dream dress are :
This wonderfull red dress with heart pockets!

Also this amazing red retro dress! 
Anyway I have already made my dress and I'm ready to celebrate!
My next post will be my cute little Valentine's dress that I made with Licorice
So what are your plans for Valentine's day?
What are you going to wear?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Athens Now

We don't usually cover political news but today is a rough day for Greece.
Now the political parties are gonna vote for new austerity measures.
These are pics from todays protest.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Exam Period, Why us??

Hello everyone!! 
The bear on my head, and me are saying:
"Hi subscribers! We love you!"
I wanted to let you know that me and Gracie have exams but we will try to post as soon as we can!
Here's me taking a quick pic from my netbook while studying at my Uni.. It's freezing here! Damn university! Y u so cold??
I know i look ridiculous but I've been up since 7:00 and studying ever since :S

So a quick update:
  • Today Bubbles will dye my hair again, so I'm super excited about that.  Which, of course, means more her dye reviews and red hair upkeep tips for you! ha ha

  • I love my bear scarf thingy, i got it for London for 10 pounds? It's super warm AND well, I look like a bear. No other engineer student here has it so yay! XD

  • Sadly I don't have more things going on except exams. And I don't think you really want me rubbling about exams now, do you?

  • I think I won't be able to write without using bullets for a while. Side-effects from all the essay-presentations this year.


So, How do you handle exam period? Any tips??

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feria dye review

Hello everyone!
As most of you already know i dyed my hair red about 2 weeks ago (post)
I wanted to do a two toned look so i used the feria dye to dye half my head.
But i ended up with an ombre result instead! :O
So today I decided to properly review the dye.

It's feria p67. I bought it online.
The color turned out great and i really liked the fact that you should use it on damp hair.
It was a beautiful cherry red.
Which i expected to fade into a nice pink- red
but it didn't!
It faded to a red-orange red.
My ends are really orange, exactly the color they turned out when i bleached my hair. And although my hair is healthy, because of this accidental ombre they look damaged. Which is a shame :P

I know that red dyes fade like crazy, but I also know how to take care of my dyed hair.
I remember the time I was using l'oreal hi color, the color would last forever, because i was taking care of it ;)
I'll share my other tricks in another post.

Now back to the feria dye.
If you plan on using it i should warn you that it is a metallic dye which L'oreal shamelessly sell without warning the costumers.

I googled the dye (after I've used it) and found out that metallic dyes won't react with common dyes.
This means that your hair might melt if you try to bleach it or it won't take any color.
So please do a google search before trying this product. 

nice cherry red color, freshly dyed hair
After 2 weeks:
just 2 weeks later, hellooo orange and ombre
well after this i happily erased ombre of my hair-i-should-do list!

Hope this review was helpful to you.
If you have any questions about bright hair colors and hair care don't hesitate to ask :)

have a nice day!!


 ps. yup, i got bangs! do you like them??

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Flat Iron

Today I was ready to do my hair with my flat iron as usual but my iron was broken
I mean really broken,look what I found!!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes!
My mon dropped it the other day and didn't realise what happened! :O

So I went and bought a new one
My new flat iron is the Remington wet 2 straight in purple 
I tried it already and I'm really excited with the results
Took me just 10 minutes to style my hair and I loved it!
This is how my hair look right now after styling them!
Sorry I haven't any before picture but I was so excited and I couldn't wait to try it.
I'm definately happy with my purchase because it wasn't overpriced and the best part is that it has 8 hours anti frizz protection!
That part was enought to make me buy the product because my hair frizzes when it's humid!
Of course I'm gonna do a second review of the product after a few days so I can give you more information!

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