Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Summer is almost over and now it's time to get ready for an amazing September!
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Also you should know that our blog family has a new member, our little kitten named Ella!
The three of us will be blogging about fashion, crafting, recipes and cat's everyday problems (don't forget Ella)
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Hello everyone :)
Last night I went to the Mall to see the Dark Knight Rises.
I'm not a real batman fan and I was really scared that this 3 hour movie would be boring but overall it was good.
 So before the movie I was having a little walk in the mall and I saw this hello kitty car!!
There started the real fun.
This is soooo cute,
Actually it's beyond cute..
If I could have a car I would choose a hello kitty :)
(another problem is that I don't drive)
This car is pink (like Daphne's hair!) and has flames!!
Also you can drive with the hello kitty as a shotgun!
Too bad that this car is not real..
Hope you have an awesome week!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Ella the kitten after surgery

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that the kitty is back home and is doing absolutely fine!
It was hard getting her to settle down and take some pictures! The surgery went great, the doctor said that the leg is even straighter than before. Haha
You can kind of see her broken leg. It looks kinda scary cause they had to shave it of course. But she is so happy now! And she will heal completely by the end of semptember.
The kitty wants to thank everyone for their love and support. It really means a lot to her she told me.
Now if only we could fix her biting and scratching habit... Also, we are thinking of calling her Ella. Which means "come" in greek. Because we are trying to get her to understand just that word  so she will come when we call her. So far no luck be we won't lose hope :)

Have anyone tried to train their kitten? Did they respond at all? Any advice would be helpful :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kitten updates!

Hello everyone!
Big kitty news!
Today our kitty had to undergo surgery for her poor little foot.
We 've been searching doctors for 2 days. I'm really happy to tell you that she woke up just fine!! 
Here she is chilling on her bed looking grumpy. Check out the Banana-foot!
I don't know if the surgery is a huge success or not though.. I'm just glad that she is fine cause anaesthesia is really dangerous for little kittens like her.

Thank you everyone for our support in our last post
I can't wait to have her back home. We couldn't take her back yet cause she should be watched by the doctors. Which makes me nervous, but I think everything will be fine :)

I will definitely post updates!
She is sooo cute! Like a little stupid monster! Argh!!
Stupid little kitten!



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frida Kahlo The Female Che Guevara

I'm guessing you all know Frida, and those who don't know who she is they have definitely seen pictures of Salma Hayek as Frida.
frida poster
Frida has become a modern symbol. Women all over the world have been influenced from her unique personality and her powerful paintings. Frida wasn't an ordinary woman, she was born to be legend! Frida's accidents Her early life had pain and suffering, at the age of six she contracted poliomyelitis and at the age of 18 she had a terrible accident while she was riding a bus.  The bus collided with a trolley car and Frida was tragically injured in her whole body, she broke her spinal column, her collarbone, her ribs, her pelvis, her feet but the most important was the iron that pierced her abdomen and her uterus resulting incapability of having any children.
Her second accident was her stormy marriage with Diego Rivera. The trouble in their marriage was soon to come as Diego had many affairs and Frida also tried to keep up with the infidelities.
The stronger blow for their relationship came when Frida found out that Diego and Christina, which is her little sister, had an affair.
The most unique thing about Frida is not her life but her attitude towards to all the suffering she had. She never gave up. When the doctors said that she wouldn't be able to walk again after her accident she claim she would, and she did. When she felt betrailed, lonely or lost her art made her whole again.
Frida is the perfect example of a powerful woman. She draw herself because as she said "I'm the subject I know the best"
Why Frida is the female Che Guevara? Because Frida is a modern symbol just like Che. Everyone can identify her face, her mustache and unibrow are the symbols of a woman who doesn't care about the beauty that is forced to us. She tried to look at herself only through her eyes, the pure eyes of a real woman without the men's view. Frida and Che were both politicized and controversial personalities. Their icons involved and the they are viewed as the rebellions. The pop culture has used their faces in every form and way so now we can say that Frida is not just a woman who influenced the feminist movements but all the western civilization. So this is the first part of the things I want to write about Frida, I will make more post about her and the influence she had on the feminist movement..


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Broken Leg

Hello everyone!
As you may know recently we found a little stray kitten and we decided to keep it.
But last night was a nightmare!
This littly kitty feel off the balcony 
and I live on the 4th floor!!

Luckily she only broke her leg but we were sooo scared!
We went to the doctor and he said that she must undergo a surgery..
Poor little kitten.. she is in terrible pain and I feel so guilty for letting her on the balcony alone..
This is a video from the first days we got her..
Have you ever faced a similar situation with your pet?


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today's outfit

Hello everyone! Today was a boring day!
The great news is that I re-pinked my hair. Also I've let my friend Efi to fix the photo for me. She is a professional (obv). The inspiration of today's outfit is my bling. Fabulous!
I wish I remembered where I got my stuff but I don't. Except the shoes. You can get them at Ps!
How was your day??


Monday, August 13, 2012

Morissey concert!

Hello everyone!
This year Morissey visited our city for one perfomance so we had to go!
We couldn't take a lot of photos but we tried our best:
There were hundrends of people it was crazy! At first we were really happy. But then it became unbearable. We took these photos way before Morissey came on stage. And people kept coming...
It was sooo hot. At the first few songs we were at the front but we couldn't stay there for long.. So sweaty.. XP
But we didn't regret going at all! Morissey was great! We loved his perfomance! He even took his shirt of for us hahaha
I wish we had stayed longer at the front though.. Argh!

Here are some photos of the concert I've found. We couldn't take any photo when we were close to him so I hope these will do:
More here

So tell me, have you seen Morissey live??


Friday, August 10, 2012

Summertime In Milos Part 2

Hello everyone :) As you may know I went to Milos last week. So here are some photos from my trip.. This beach is called Sarakiniko and is one of the most famous places of the island.
The huge white rocks and the blue sea create the perfect view..
When I first saw this beach I thought that this place was magic.
The waters were perfectly clean and the rocks were really smooth so you could walk barefoot without hurting yourself.
I can't get over this place.. If I could I would go there everyday!
Another thing I wanna share with you was this sunset that is made for couples. This magnificent view is breathtaking.
Waiting patiently for the food..
Thankfully it worth waiting! Those little pies have traditional cheese in them and they were delicious
Also the fried courgettes were sooo amazing I wouldn't stop eating them!
This is one trip I'll never forget,  the sunsets, the views, the colors and the magical atmosphere of the island is perfect for couples.
This was the swimming poll in our camping.. Yeah we had swimming pool (I was surprised too) Overall it was a really romantic place and I loved it!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Stray Kitten

Hello everyone :) you can't imagine what happened! We found a little kitten! After meowing for 3 days in the garden we found her! It's so cute and friendly that we couldn't resist to take it to our houses! So this is our little princess..
She has green eyes and she's really thin. The vet said that she is really thin for her age.
She is the friendliest cat that I have ever seen and she plays all the time and likes to be cuddled!
We went shopping today and we got her many toys! Little balls and mice and a travelling box so we can move her to our houses.
I can't get over her! She looks sooo pretty.
Our new baby kitten will have all our love and help.
cute kittyHave you ever kept a stray kitten?? Also we haven't choose her a name yet.. so what we should name her??


Monday, August 6, 2012

Summertime In Milos

Hello everyone :)
Today I returned to Athens after one week of vacation!
Although I'm really tired right now I can't wait to show you how was my trip.
As you may know I went to Milos and I have to say that this island is awesome!
Here are some photos of what I did in the island.
On the first day I went to this amazing beach called Papafragkas,
the water was light blue mixed with green and the golden sand made it look like I was in a swimming pool.
I loved this beach so much that even the fact that it was quite dangerous to go there (because I had to go through huge rocks) I overcame my fear and I went!
Totally worth it!
blue hair
The next day me my bf and some friends went for sailing to see a part of the island that we couldn't reach by foot.
We started early in the morning and the weather was sooo nice,
I felt so relaxed during this trip.
I was swimming , sunbathing and drinking ouzo
but after a while the sailing trip became a nightmare!
I'm not even kidding, the engine broke down and we were lost in the middle of nowhere far from the land.
Everyone panicked and some girls started crying because the wind was against us and we couldn't move in the right direction with the sails!
Anyway to make a long story short another sailing boat came and rescued us..
Over all the sailing trip wasn't that bad..
We saw amazing caved and crystal clear waters and awesome sights but I'll be honest for over an hour I thought that I was going to die.(yeah I know I'm really dramatic)
So this is the first part of my vacations in Milos
I will make more posts for this wonderful island but right now I have to take a nap dreaming that I'm still on vacation..


Friday, August 3, 2012

I love retro

Many years now I have an obsetion with a greek designer
He's called Zoulias and has created the most amazing dresses I've ever seen.
Last night I was passing by his store and I couldn't resist to take some photos..
I love the dresses, the shoes, the bags, actually everything!
Omg this colorful heel just killed me,
I love bows on heels..
I also love blue (that's why I dyed my hair blue)
so I guess there is no need to explain why I adore these shoes..
\I hope one day to be able to create amazing dresses and shoes..
That's another dream that I hope that it will come true
Happy Weekend  :)


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy New Month!

Oh how I love August!
I love the sun the sea and all the happy people around me going at the beach and having fun :)
This is a photo we took with Daphne last summer in the island Amorgos..
Happy summer to everyone :)

Gracie & Daphne
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