Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cat Ring Giveaway!

Hello everyone :)
Today we are super excited because we have for you an awesome
worldwide giveaway!!!
You can win one of these fabulous black kitty rings
just by following ONE simple step
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and  leave a comment down below with your mail.
The giveaway will last until Sunday 4th of November!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love Cat Ring Review

Hello everyone,
check out our new cat rings!
Laura sent us those wonderful rings from her Feline Fatale jewelry collection. They are perfect for cat-lovers like ourselves!

We took billions of photos together and had great fun.

Cute right?
Ever since the package arrived we wear them everyday and we got many compliments. They are great when you feel like fist-pumping for our cat.

They are also really fitting for Halloween!

Apart from these rings Laura has many other awesome jewelry to look around so don't forget to check out her cute shop, especially her "Let Them Wear Cake" collection! 

So what do you think??

Daphne & Gracie

Monday, October 22, 2012

How I Trim my Fringe

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm gonna share with you how I keep my hair healthy!
As you know I've bleached my hair several times to achieve the blue color, so as it is obvious my hair is easily damaged.
First of all I use masks, conditioners and everything that exists in the market but I also trim them frequently!
The problem is that I don't trust the hairdressers so I trim them by myself!
In this post I'm gonna share with you how I trim my fringe (as a start, if you would like I can make a post on how I trim all my hair)
First Step
I take one section of dry hair and with a really sharp scissors I cut the hair carefully in a 45 degree angle.
Second Step
I cut the same section of hair now with my scissors vertically.
After that I repeat those two steps for all the fringe.
The point in this process isn't to make my hair shorter but healthier.
One last Tip:Use your scissors ONLY for cutting your hair!
Never use it to cut paper or anything else!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Matching your headband to your dress

Hello everyone! Today I'm really excited to show you my giant space bow :)
I love the idea of matching accessories. Like matching your dress to your shoes or to your handbag but since it's a tiny bit difficult for me to create shoes or a bag right now, I made this bow headband :D yay!

And now I'm tempted to use all the leftover fabric I have to make matching accessories for all the dresses I've made, just thinking of using all this leftover fabric that I can't let go off makes me excited!

So I made a really simply tutorial to show you the processes:
Well it's pretty easy. My secret for making the bow is taking a really long rectangle and folding it in such way so that it will also have the bow "tails" on the bottom. I think this is what makes this bow so cute. I also used a long rectangle to cover up the headband as well but I could just leave it black..

So apart from this bow headband success I have an almost completed dress to show to you guys but I keep forgetting buy a zipper! Ugh! And I've got a serger but didn't have the time to actually sit down and learn how to use it. Which is a shame because the fabric I used for the new dress definitely needed a surger..

In other news, I'm desperately trying to figure out a subject for my diplomatic and I feel like I'm losing loads of time :(
My diplomatic will be about ergonomics and my professor told me that I'm free to find any project that would interest me and talk to him about it, so I'm at a loss and I just want to stay home and continue making bows for the end of time.
If you have a super idea that would help me out please tell me, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated..

But other than that, life's great, my hair are in so much better condition already and I have a cat so I'm content.

Well I hope all of you will have a fantastic weekend!
Oh and we have a surprise for you!
Next week we'll be having a giveaway so stay tuned!!


PS. check out my cute peacock inspired wall!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cats and Walks

Hello everyone :)
First of all I wanna thank you again for your birthday wishes!
You are all so kind and loving..
Now to our subject!
Lately grumpy cats are in fashion, so I wanna present to you the grumpy cat that I met recently..
I met this cat, I think it's a male cat while I was walking in the National Garden..
But I'm sure he didn't enjoyed my company at all..
This is another cat I met this week..
Oh dear Lord why she's looking at me like that!!!
I think that this cat was female!
She was really cute but didn't let me approach her.. (obv)
I don't think that any of the stray cats I've seen lately was really excited to see me..
Even after I fed them..
That's a cat lovers life..
Full of disappointment.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Dress

Hello everyone :)
As you know some days ago was my birthday and today I'm gonna show you the dress me and Daphne made for this special occasion!
We are making clothes over a year now and we'll take more sewing lessons :)
We are planning to go to a new school for sewing this week and we'll learn how the perfectionist work..
We've made several skirts, pants and dresses... actually many many dresses because we love them!
Many of our outfits are actually our own handmade clothes.
This winter will be really productive for us and we actually think of creating an online shop...
But who knows what the future will bring.
Thank you all for your birthday wishes :)
You are all so important to me!
Kisses and hugs


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hair trouble! Guide for repairing damaged hair

Hello everyone!
As you might already know, recently I've tried to get my hair to a more pastel-y pink color (here) But these pictures represent my current hair color a little better.
(I'm really sorry for the quality of the pics I will definitely take better ones soon)

Anyway the thing is that lightening my hair again was really damaging to my hair. They have ever more split ends now and they break off at the ends.
But I was expecting this to happen since I have really fine curly hair that needs LOADS of moisture.

At first I freaked out but you know what? I've saved my hair in the past and I can do it again now!
A little bit more about my hair type:
I have curly hair that are in constant need of moisture. Oils and leave-in creams don't weight them down at all. So these steps might not work for someone that has straight and oily hair. But people with oily hair are lucky enough that their hair are usually stronger since the natural oils protect their hair.

(my hair thankfully isn't as damaged as it appears on the close-up shots, this is the results of hairspray :S )


1) A Deep moisturizing mask twice a week. My favourite one is this homemade mask called SMT. Trust me everyone, it really works! I usually leave it one for hours. You should really check out the long hair community, they have so many good suggestions!

2) Always oil the ends. Currently I'm using Castor oil because I don't remember where my coconut oil is but in an ideal world I would be using coconut oil first and Castor oil shortly after. Because Castor oil can't penetrate the hair but it can seal in the much needed moisture. So especially before going to sleep I will heavily oil my ends.

3) Trim the split ends using professional sharp scissors. Dull scissors  can only make the problem worst. One could just go and get a hair trim at this point but I have an obsession with cutting my split ends (or anybody's split ends) so I can happily do this myself.

4)Once in a while use a protein mask on the hair. Did you know that too much moisture/protein can be bad for your hair? There should be a balance between the two. Usually you should do a hair protein mask once every 4 moisturizing masks.
Do this hair diagnosis and find out what your hair needs the most!

5)Avoid heat at all costs. Well this was expected I don't have much to add to this step.

6) Be careful with brushing and tying hair up. While it's best to have your hair up in order to protect them, tying them up too tightly can be really damaging. So be careful when you are using elastics, clasps etc.

7) Don't wash the hair too often. It also fades the color. I have curly hair they are almost never oily so this is no big deal to me.

8) Don't forget to add moisture to your hair between washes. Most people add leave in products only after only they've shampooed their hair. The problem is that when you plan to wash your hair less frequently you have to moisturize your ends between the washes. Or they'll end up breaking

8) Of course use good products, natural etc. I really can't recommend good products because natural products are not easy to find in my country. I usually order my hair products online :(

Also: In additional to all the above I'll propably do some hot oil treatements if I'm not bored and I'll try to find some good reconstuctor masks that won't cost a fortune..

I'll let you guys know how it will all go :D
Let's just hope I won't have to get an actual haircut cause I really hate going to the salon. haha

If you have any question or suggestion please let me know and I'll make a much more proper guide :)


ps. sorry for the huge text post

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday, Blue Hair and Kittens

Hello everyone :)
I have so many news to share with you that I don't know where to start!
First of all today is my birthday!!!!!
And because of this huge event I made a dress (actually Daphne did almost all by herself) for my birthday and I'll wear it tonight, so my next post will be about this handmade dress :)
The other thing is that I dyed my hair again and they are so blue that when I saw them in the daylight I almost fainted!
(here is a speak peek of my hair)
I'll also make a post about them!
And now let's continue to our main subject...
One thing I realised this weekend is that there are sooo many kittens and soo little time!
All weekend I was chasing every kitten in Kineta!
I went to a friends house near the beach and while the others were just water skiing I was having ten times more fun petting kittens!
I met 8 kitties and they were all so adorable!
This black one was like a puma and was staring right through my soul!
I know this post is all over the place but please forgive me cause it's my birthday!

I wish you all to have an amazing night!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink hair & Handmade dress

Hello everyone! I finally finished my exams :D So I'm back and I hope everyone missed me.. haha So anyway, to celebrate our exam-period ending me and Gracie decided to dye our hair a little different this time! Well we both had a serious root problem as well but that's another story. Anyway we tried to go for a permant pink and blue dye which failed miserably BUT somehow I managed to get this awesome pink pastel-kinda color! Please tell me what do you think, 'cause I'm lovin it :D This my old hair color before for reference here.

 Here I'm wearing a dress I've made and trying to work the trend "tights with sandals". Well It's not as bad as I thought it would be..You might remember this dress from this post ! Also Gracie managed to straighten my unruly hair
Later on I tried to get some pictures with da Kitteh Ella but the plan failed miserably. The rest of the film was pictures of the cat biting my hands
But for those that have been asking, Ella is doing fine, she is really energeting and I have to chase her around the house the whole time. But she is still the cutest kitten out there so I forgive her.


Friday, October 5, 2012

The Feminist Frida Kahlo

After my first attempt to approach Frida ,her marriage, her accidents, and her life in general today I want to share my opinion about what Frida Kahlo has offered to me.
It's not strange to say that a person that lived 60 years before changed a persons life and point of view. Frida was an artist, she painted mostly herself (and her suffering). Her pain was the main theme in her paintings, her pain wasn't only psychical, caused by her bus accident but also psychological, because of  Diego Rivera and his infidelities. Frida is a strong role model of a woman who's not afraid to show emotions and talk about forbidden things.Death, birth, wounds, abortions and every other subject that no one else dared to speak about has been painted by Frida. It's not a secret that female genitalia seem TODAY as forbidden image.. Western society has created a fear around women's body and creates a mystery in the whole process of birth.
How many times have you seen paintings of women giving birth? How socking it seems  to see the actual image of female genitalia.. Now think about how free the society is to accept male genitalia.. The main point of this post is to stop the fear against being human. I'm a real person and I have feelings, I suffer, I cry and I'm not ashamed of this! What Frida taught me is that my body is mine and I have no reason to feel guilty of my existence in any way. I don't feel ashamed of my body, of my weight, height, scars or anything that differentiates me. I want to be me.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Circle skirt tutorial!

Hello guys! Here it is! The super-ultimate circle skirt tutorial you all have been asking for!
I hope everything make sense! Please tell me if there is a mistake anywhere while I have the courage to fix it.. haha!
What do you think of the tutorial style? is it better? worse?
Please let me know, I'm really anxious!!


PS. everything is this tutorial is in the metric system!

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