Thursday, November 28, 2013

Women Against Feminism?

I understand that feminism is a prohibited word for many people, mainly because patriarchy taught us not to respect women in every possible way. Society and media undress, minimise, ridicule and objectify women as a common process. Women in cinematography are not presented as active characters but more like talking objects. In this society we have all been groomed to hate women, even women hate women. I often hear women say "I'm not like all the other women.." but they have no idea how insulting for them is this phrase. Why would it be a bad thing to be like all the other women? The answer is that society has classified females as the most shameful and negative thing ever. So women in order to adopt the views of society they have to make themselves manlier and  insult their gender as they have been taught!
Seeing pictures like the above literally breaks my heart. I can't breathe thinking that many women out there demonizing feminism cause they don't even know what it means. They haven't even thought about the extra struggles they face because society learned them that they deserve to struggle cause wait... they are women and women are inferior creatures. All I'm saying is that we have a chance to make this world equal, really equal and the only way to do this is to get informed. 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Big Bow Dress

Hello everyone! Today I'm wearing my new dress I bought in London! It has a huge bow on it and I'm so happy cause I feel super cute in it! I'm also wearing my new circle lenses. They are called Super Nudy Grey by Geo and they are really comfortable to wear!
They have 14.8mm diameter, which means that they are huge! The first time I tried them I couldn't recognise myself! They change all the proportions of the face. Also the grey color looks like blue I guess cause it definitely matches my hair!
So have you ever tried circle lenses? Do you have a favorite brand or color?
Have a nice week!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Hello everyone, today I'll be sharing with you this really yummy mini chicken pot pies recipe. It's one of these recipes that will sure turn out great each time and everyone will love.  So it is a great idea to make lots when having people over but bear in mind that it usually takes 1-2 pies to fill up a person.

2 chicken breast -cubed
1 cup of sliced carrots
2-3 sliced bell peppers
1 cup of mushrooms
as much bacon as you like
1 onion
2/3 cup of milk
salt & pepper
pie crust

Preheat the oven. Ina saucepan cook the chicken with the onion until the it turns white, If you cut large cubed you may need to boil the chicken before continuing to the next step!

Add all the vegetables and continue cooking for 10 mins.

Add the milk and continue cooking until thick. Make sure the chicken is well cooked!
Butter your pan and place the pie crust on top. Start filling each pie with the mixture and carefully cover them with crust. Make small slits on the top to let the steam escape
Bake in the preheated oven for 30-35 minutes until the pastry is golden brown. Let it cool down before serving!
And there you have it! 6 beautiful little chicken pot pies ready to eat. You can add much more ingredients to this recipe to make it more gourmet but I prefer quick and yummy food myself.

Please let us know if you will try it out and share with us your results!

Have a great week everyone!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday Favorites #2

Hello everyone :) We came back from London and we are extremely exhausted. London is one of the biggest fashion capitals in the entire word *Tyra Banks voice* so we had to look at every store for everything! Anyway we'll make enough posts to show you what we got but for now we still unpacking.
Today's Friday Favorites is dedicated to rings! 
The first one is my favorite french sweet, le macaron!
The second one is a topaz ring in this beautiful blue-green color.
The third place goes to these colorful lego rings cause if I I had them I would wear a different color every day!Last but not least this cat ring stole my heart! I can't resist to those adorable eyes..


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cute Flower Dress

Hello everyone, today I'm posting from London my cute flower dress that you have seen in my previous wig review post. I really really like this dress but the photos of that post didn't do it justice
Since I like dresses with fluffy big skirts I'm always on the look-out for short cardigans. But since it's hard to find any it is a cute idea to just tie up a long cardigan instead. I've bought lots of cute dresses and other stuff from London so expect to see a lot of outfit posts :)
I'm really happy that I managed to visit y sister there and hang out, we had a great time and I've really missed her. Sadly we are leaving soon but at least I'll see my kitten again!
Have a great week,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ella With Flowers

Hello everyone :) Today I want to show you a little adventure that Ella had on the top of a closet. She climbed up there and then she couldn't get back down! She was so cute looking at us almost meowing for help (she never did that, but she could have done it if she wasn't so proud)As you can see, on the top of the closet there are some plastic flowers and that gave us the opportunity to take some good photos. To be honest the model did all the work capturing the feeling of the environment. Ella loved it up there but we were too afraid to let her stay for long,she has a history of falling and breaking legs..
 Isn't she extremely cute with those big round eyes?  We love her so much and we miss her now that we are in London, but we've bought her some new toys so she won't be mad that we left. It's hard to explain to a little kitten that you will leave only for  while..
Ella we haven't abandoned you, we love you!


Black Skater Skirt Outfit

Hello everyone, me and Daphne are still in London but this is an outfit I wore a week ago. We are having a wonderful time. Today we visited the royal park which is really beautiful and we are having a great time. 
It's too bad that the weather in London isn't as hot as in Athens but Iv bought three new coats so I can't complain.
We can't wait to wear and show you all the wonderful clothes we got. Have an awesome week!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday Favourites

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share you wit my top 4 wigs! I really like wearing wigs just to change up my style so I'm always on the lookout for a new one. The most important thing when looking for a new wig is how natural it would look and if it could be an everyday wig. So I will only be satisfied when I'll find the ultimate wig which will both have style and look natural. As a result I'm usually looking lace front wigs which provide the most realistic hairline (I can't leave my hair out since they are pink). 
Bobbi Boss Lace Front MLF45 HAZEL. I really love the hairline of this wig but the parting is pretty small.
Model Model Lace Front Wig Mikaela. Another great wig with a nice hairline and a good variety of colors.
Janet Collection Whole Lace Wig Paris. This is a whole lace synthetic wig which means that it has a great hairline at the front with about 1,5 inch of parting space. However the whole cap is made out of some kind of mesh material and it has no tracks! I wonder if it could be possible to add some foundation on the black mesh to make the part longer. The most natural looking wig of them all.
Freetress equal deep invisible L part Virgo. First of all I love the variety of colors of  this wigs. They even have my hair color, pink! The parting and the front is all handmade lace which adds to the natural effect.

It is really tough to decided which one I like the best! Do you use wigs in your daily life? Is there one in particular that you really love?


PS. all of the photos where taken from

Friday, November 15, 2013

Packing For London

Hello everyone :) In a few hours we are leaving for London! I'm so tired but I haven't prepared almost anything yet so I have to hurry!
I couldn't decide what to put in my luggage.. this is a super hard job that no person should do at 3 in the morning.. Basically I picked some random stuff and threw them in my bag so I could rest for an hour or two!
It's a terrible idea to travel early in the morning.. I wish I could go to sleep right now but I don't even know were my pyjamas are.
Hope I haven't forgot anything..


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cute Small Bags

Hello everyone! Yesterday I went to check what's new in stores and there were way too many cute bags. At first I saw those cute giraffe necessaire bags and I was impressed by how soft they were. I think that you can see in the photo below that they are made from a soft fabric that I couldn't stop touching.
Also at the shame store I found this bag on my favorite color (blue obviously)  and although it wasn't fluffy the little clouds made my heart melt.
 Last but not least I found this lunch bag and I think that this shade of green is extremelly joyful. Also I have a thing for hippos..
So have you found anything interesting in stores lately?


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pet Shop Trip-Guinea Pig Edition

Hello everyone! Today we visited with Daphne our local pet shop to get some cat food for Ella. We always love going there cause we take Ella with us, in her pet bag. So today Ella met for the first time in her life a guinea pig!
After exploring a new kind of animal she really got bored.That's really pity cause this guinea pig is actually really cute. I loved the little ears and the nose.
Our final stop was at the fish tank. Ella usually doesn't observe the fish but this one is my favorite so I had to take a photo!
So have you ever tried socialising your pets with other animals?


Sailor Outfit

Hello everyone! Today I felt like a sailor, so I chose this outfit cause nothing screams sailor more than a blouse with stripes. Sailors move from place to place and that's what I'm about to do! I need to refresh my closet asap cause I'm getting tired of all my old clothes. This change means that drastic measures should be taken, like going to London for shopping! We don't know yet(me and Daphne) but there is a chance to go for few days in London!
We are super excited about it but we have a lot to arrange to do this trip.We'll try to go just because London is beautiful this time of the year! Hope you have an awesome week :)


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday Favorites #1

Hello everyone! Now that the weekend is coming it's time for the Friday Favotrites! This weeks post is about an awesome vintage boutique that I recently found! It's called It's Vintage Darling. As you can see this boutique has swing vintage dresses, the most unfortunate part is that most of them are only size 10..
Those swing dresses are 1950's inspired. This era is so close to my heart! I really love the big skirts and the floral and polka dot fabrics. 
I think that the most exciting part of wearing vintage dresses is that you can pair them with cute belts, high heels and hair accessories without feeling overdressed.
I hope you have an awesome weekend :)


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heart Print Outfit

Hello everyone! Today my new clothes from Asos arrived and I'm super excited to show you what I got! I bought this super cute skater skirt with the hearts on it. It was available in black with white and red with black. I obviously choose the first one cause I love how the hearts are popping!
Also I bought this cute crop top in black to match the skirt! I truly felt like Minnie  Mouse in this outfit, I don't know why but while I was wearing the skirt I had a feeling that Mickey's gonna call me! On the last photos I added some flowers on my hair to give a little color.


Brand New Layout

Hello everyone! I'm proud to present to you our new layout!

On the left side is our old design and on the right side is our new one. We are supper excited for this long-awaited change and while the old design was cute and familiar it was problematic and overwhelming. So we sat down and discussed what we should change in order to make the blog simple and pleasant for you.

Our main goals:
1) Reduce the size of the header. It was really important that the viewers are able to see much more than half the first photo of the posts. The size of the old banner was really problematic especially for small monitors.
2) Have only 1 column. In the old design we felt that the photos and the posts where lost in between the several elements of the columns on the right and the left. We chose to have the posts on the left as studies have shown that the reader's eye usually tends to focus on the left side of the screen
3) Make all the elements simpler and sharper. This includes the categories right below the banner and the navigation menu below our photo.
4) Do the above and remain cute. We really loved the signature cartoon figures we had so we just had to include them in our new design as well. We decided to ditch the side pic of us since having the cartoons with the pictures seemed like "face overload". We post daily anyway so really you won't miss our faces.

We still have to add a navigation bar with our most frequent subjects and our social media buttons but other than that the blog is almost finished! It took weeks to get here and loads of testing but yay.

Since I'm more experienced in the designing department it was mostly up to me to do all the designing. Then I would present my thoughts to Gracie and discuss the changes. Since there are 2 of us it is usually hard to agree on everything but luckily we have similar taste in most things hehe

The process:
Since I love drawing I started by drawing the characters. I wanted them to be cute but sassy and kind of similar to us. You can clearly see how mine is shy-er while Gracie's is sassier which is realistic enough. On the clothing we decided to go with princess/modern theme which basically means clothing that we would die to have. Gracie kept sending me pictures of Disney princesses for inspiration.
I did the basic drawing on Photoshop. Then I refined all the lines in Illustrator for the smooth tool (smooths out the curves, its amazing). And finally I did the coloring and the shading in Photoshop.
Since I haven't drawn anything in ages I had to search all over the web for inspiration and drawing techniques. Then I worked for about 2 weeks and while it might seem like too much work for something so small the reality is that I really enjoyed doing it and I needed an excuse to draw. I was really surprised about how much better the new cartoons are compared to the old ones. I never thought I could draw this (and I said this when I was drawing the previous cartoons as well) So I guess practice does make better. And yes I apologize for the little details that I have missed or the inconsistent shading but I had in mind that the drawing would be features in a much smaller scale at the side of the blog, so these details won't matter.

For the tittle I used both Illustrator and Photoshop. I found if you create something in Photoshop the quality is really shitty (like text and shapes). It is better to create them in Illustrator and then insert them as smart objects in Photoshop.

I feel like I can talk about this for ages! So I will stop for now :)

If you have any question or suggestion about our new layout please let us know! We re-designed for our readers after all so it means a lot to us for you guys to like it.
Have a wonderful day,

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kitten shirt and fabric shopping

Hello everyone, today I went with Gracie to the centre of Athens to get some new fabrics. Now that some of our projects are finished we are back dynamically in sewing clothing! We have a lot of cute styles in mind most of them including two pieces, full skirts and cute dresses. We found lots of cute fabrics to start and we've already made a couple of designs that we can't wait to show you! 
Although it is November in Greece the weather is still very nice, in fact while shopping it was so hot that i regret wearing a blazer. Also, the kitten blouse is one of my favourite pieces of clothing ever. It can make any outfit silly/adorable instantly and that is usually my main goal.
See you next time,

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ella Wants Attention

Hello everyone :) Today I have more photos of Ella to show you! Lately we've been trying to run some new projects and Ella feels left alone when we stay for too long in front of a computer screen. She comes to say hi and show off her belly. This is her sadistic moment, she's showing something that if we touch she's gonna bite us and leave.
   I don't know why many cats don't like being touched in the belly. Seems like a nice spot but to be honest Ella doesn't like to be pet most of the times (I mean everywhere) This is madness, how can you live with a cute cat and just look at her.
She's there in front of us, looking us like she's begging for petting, but no! This is an illusion! When Daphne couldn't resist anymore she touched her. Oh yeah she did. The proof is the photo below!
 But that touch resulted Ella hiding behind the computer! She stood there hagging the adaptor singing "can't touch this"
 Look at this comfortable position. She literally prefers to stay like that than being pet. How does that make sense? Is it some kind of  torture to touch her?
Not before long she left us again! This is the price to pay if you can't resist her cuteness. She'll bite and scratch and then leave you till you learn your lesson..

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