Monday, September 30, 2013

Ella Modeling

Hello everyone :)
Ella the cat ready to be the talk of the town!
In this photoshoot she was really sleepy 
but this didn't stop her from delivering her best poses.
She's a natural talent!
This is the pose "what I'm doing with my life"
actually she does nothing..
as always..
Here we can see her bathing herself 
without even using her tongue!
Finally in this pose we can see that she is pretty annoyed by the camera
and the look in her eyes can be interpreted as: 
"if you take another shot you'll taste my claws"
I guess that's a wrap everybody!
The model needs some time to rest..


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The cutest wallet ever!

Hello everyone, in today's post I will present to you my new cute wallet!
It's a white letter-inspired wallet that was gifted to me by Surfdome.
It opens at the front where it has a cute metallic bow and has letter markings all around. It is the 
cream letter purse by Ollie & Nic, a vintage inspired brand that manufactures the cutest wallets and purses. is a british lifestyle store, it has a huge variety of goods for all ages and genders. And the best part is that they offer super fast delivery and free worldwide shipping for orders over 75 GPB. 
The cutest part of it is the back, where they have the "address" and stamps.
You can check it out the details better in the pictures below.
Look at that little heart and the flower stamp! It's just perfect. The wallet seems sturdy as well and it's flat enough to fit smaller purses. This is actually the reason I really needed a new wallet, my old one was so large that it was ruining the shape of my bags! (and the change kept falling out)
Inside it has pink and purple polka dots and the change pocket has a zipper which is great. It has a pocket on the back as well! I know where I'm gonna keep my frozen yogurt and bubble tea cards now, hehe.

In these photos you can also see how much my hair color has faded in the past 8 weeks. Ugh! It takes so long for it to fade completely away. Right now my bangs and the very ends of my hair are really faded but the in-between of my hair is bright purple. And the black roots just make the whole thing more spectacular.

What is one recent purchase you made that you love?


Saturday, September 14, 2013

New dress and New hair!

Hello everyone! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I've started working and a company (internship) and decided before going on the job interview to dye my hair a darker color as to not draw so much attention to my hair. In the photos below my hair look a LOT darker that it actually is, in reality its a cool dark purple.
In my next post Ill post pictures of the actuall hair color in natural lighting! I've dyed them with a combination of the direction colors "Dark Tulip" and "Violet" which means that they will hopefully wash out to my previous light pink hair color, and tone them as well. As of right now, exactly 2 months later my hair is significantly lighter and heading to the right direction.
So before my interview Gracie gave me this wonderful dress  as a gift and she got one herself too. We'll probably make a post wearing the dresses together like uniforms! They are both from ASOS (they are on sale now! damn!).
Here you can see me and Ella looking crazy. I just looove this photo. It really captures hair constant expression that makes us laugh. She was probably in the middle of biting my hand because I held her (gasp!). Also, she is not cross-eyed i swear! 
As for my life's news, my exams are delayed for at least 2 weeks because of protests. Which means that I'm a bit less stressed out but it will take longer to finish my school. So I'm not sure whether to be happy or not with this turn of events. I was actually looking forward going on vacation as soon as I've finished my school. And now, given that I'm not sure when the school will be open again, I'm starting to feel less motivated to study which sucks, as it is important to stay focused. Hopefully I'll get back in my program soon!
But the great news is that my internship ended yesterday and I'm finally free! woo! Well, I really really didn't like working there and it actually really affected my mood. But hopefully all its over now and ill be back at my happy self. Plus, I ll get back to gym with Gracie and our friend Efi were we had a great time and Ill have more time for sewing blogging and generally getting better to all the things i love and have neglected.
Which is great! More details on everything in future posts!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pin Up Hair!

Hello everyone :)
Today I tried to curl my hair in a pin up way!
I used hot rollers(actually boiling rollers) 
The results are really amazing
but it was a hard procedure to put those hot rollers on my hair 
since I've done it twice in my life.
I also used these fancy lashes with glitter one them!
I should underline that I'm trying to fade the color of my hair 
because at the end of the week me and Daphne are going to bleach our dark roots.
So now my hair is blue and silver and has some greenish parts..
I used the boiling rollers although I'm avoiding heat 
cause I'm not really sure if this kind of heat can damage my hair.
So this is the look I tried I hope you liked it!
The only problem that I have with curks is that they never last on my hair!
I know that I'll wake up tommorow and those curls will be almost vanished.
Hope you have an awesome week!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Roar of Feminism?

Hello everyone :)
I just watched the new Katy Perry music video called "Roar"
and I was happily surprised!
The song was obviously corny, the lyrics were unbearably cliche but 
the video was really really really nice.
I feel that the song tries to give a liberating feeling about being an independent woman (and fails) but the video is actually the one element that brings out the liberated woman.
The story of the video is quite simple,
Katy and her bf just crashed their plane in the jungle, then a huge tiger devours her cocky bf and she transforms into a superwoman/Jane Porter.
This transformation contains stereotypical (in a man's view) woman behaviour, 
  • she takes a showers and laughs for no reason, 
  • she paints the nails of an elephant, 
  • she brushes the teeth of a crocodile 
  •  she puts a collar on the tiger 
and generally she forces all the animal kingdom  to undergo a makeover!
she destroys her heels and makes a weapon out of them
she defeats the tiger who threatened her life and ate her bf
and then she becomes the King of the jungle!
Nope she's not a queen!
I can tell that she's a king by the way her legs are spread as far as possible clearly in manly way,
her arms are relaxed in a powerful position ,
and her chin is high!
I really adore how not feminine this pose is..
I believe that this video is awesome because of these two scenes.
These parts of the video show the real emancipation of a woman, when the gender roles collapse
and she becomes the most powerful creature.
I think that this element should be kept as a slight sight of feminism in pop culture.
Breaking stereotypes one at a time!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 Year Hair Timeline

Hello everyone :)
Today I feel it's a hair day so all I'm gonna talk about is hair!
First of all I have to admit that in the past I had really strong hair and even though they had split ends and they were quite dry they were really really long. I was actually growing them out for 2 years so it wasn't surprising that they were long.
But almost 2 years ago I though that a change would make
 me look and feel better so I cut them off.
And then I cut them again..
and here you can see how short they were..
This is really short for me.
Now that I see it again I can't believe it.
After that I wanted pink hair 
but it wasn't easy to dye them pink and I had to bleach them over and over! (I think I bleached them 3 times)
The first try was a total disaster and I was so disappointed I was about to cry.
Finally after the bleaching process I had pink hair just like Daphne 
and I was really excited about it!
But just when they started growing back I went to a hairdresser and she cut them off again..
One month later I was ready to go blue!
First I had this dark blue and then I bleached them and I achieved this bright blue that I have ever since(over a year now)
The hardest part with this color is the roots..
I have to bleach them white and this is ultra damaging for my hair!
This is a current photo of my hair and you can see that they are longer.
In fact I took it one minute ago..
So my hair is not healthy any more, I have a lot of breakage and I'm worried 
but I wouldn't like to stop bleaching them..
I obviously have stopped all the heat and I'm trying to moisturise them once a week.
Is there anything I can do to help them stop breaking and grow?
Is there any good mask or a product that does miracles??

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