Thursday, March 6, 2014

Master's Seminar

Hello everyone, today me, Gracie and Efi went to a masters seminar. Several representatives from various universities were there giving valuable information about their programs and leaflets. However the universities we are interested weren't participating but we went anyway 'cause we've learned that there will be a CV expert kiosk. They basically checked your CV and gave you advice on how to improve it. Which was actually really helpful.
Another important reason we wanted to go was that Efi would be there and we wanted to be supportive on her choice of ~maybe~ attending a master herself. So we really didn't learn anything groundbreaking at this event and we didn't find the buffet which was supposed to be on the roof garden. This sucked because it was my main argument to Gracie from going "Imagine all the free food Gracie! We should go" and I let her down. Then again she let me down by taking us to the wrong place in the rain and making us 1 hour and a half late. 
On the above photo you can see me pretending to be interested in studying management (I'm not) cause almost all the universities there were only presenting their management related programs. Maybe there is a hype for management masters in Europe that I am not aware of. 
And here is us looking tired from running around the city in the rain without an umbrella. I love how we are both wearing dresses with collars. We even have the same dresses as well. We will totally wear them on a photoshoot to creep you guys out. Yay.
That's all for now! Have a nice day!


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