Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A date with Sir Miaoulis the Cat

Hello everyone! Yesterday we went to Efi's house which is always great since it has plenty of food and cats. I usually bring Ella along since she adores Efi's male cat Miaoulis (who doesn't). When I got back home she kept sniffing and licking my hands. So today I'll present you Miaoulis the sleep master himself.This photo shows exactly how perfect Miaoulis is. Look at that belly and that face of disapproval. That is his regular face. So cute! "Leave me alone human I'm sleepy/hungry".
He is such a handsome cat. Here he is looking away wondering when is he getting fed as a reward for this photo shoot. I'm so used to the small size of Ella that this cat seems huge to me. Holding him up is not easy either.
His talent is sleeping. I mean we were sitting in Efi's kitchen and I jokingly asked Gracie if Miaoulis is dead since he was sleeping so much. She started shaking him and shaking him, we could see he was breathing but was not opening his eyes! I thought he was in a comma. But no, he finally opened his eyes looked at our panicked faces with annoyance and went to sleep on another chair. Such are the hardships of Mr. Miaoulis life.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday #8

Hello everyone, today I'll be sharing with you the first photo we ever took for our blog 3 years ago.
We had just created the blog and we wanted photos for our banner and user pic.  I used to rock the really short bangs back then. A few days after the shoot we both went and cut our hair at about chin length resulting in looking like twins for a long time. Note the that this color is not my natural color since I've been dyeing my hair for the past 6-7 years. 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cat in the Sun

Ella the cat is no different than other cats. She just loves to sleep all day and only takes breaks to bite me. Nowadays her favorite place to sleep is this sunny spot in our living room. Everyday around 5 the afternoon she has just lays there in the sun and sleeps. But first she poses like an adorable kitty she is.
Look at her! Her big green eyes are so cute I'm so happy I was able to capture this photos. Here she looks like a calm angelic creature which we all know it is a lie. 
You would think that because she enjoys napping with her belly exposed like this she would enjoy belly rubbing? of course not. She will bite you no matter how sleepy she is. 
So so so pretty. I've showed this photos to nearly every person I know by now. I mean, just look at her!! So photogenic (I'm so jealous). Just a few hours ago she was trying to kill our parrots. Who would have guessed. 
Good girl! Have to make sure to clean those paws after all. I wish she would be that calm whenever I try to take photos with her. Oh well.  She is almost 2 years old now. When will she calm down?


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A day at the Attica zoological park! Part 2

Hello everyone :) As you may know one week ago was Daphne's birthday and we went to the Attica zoological park.
 Daphne's hair was so pink that day that not only the animals but also the trees felt a slight envy. I loved this photo because her hair tone is matching so well the flowers behind her! I am wondering if the flowers use the same silver shampoo as Daphne does.
I also loved the above photo cause this cheetah reminded me of Ella. It was resting so peacefully under the tree with this huge tail and the soft belly. I actually didn't touch the belly of the cheetah, I am just imagining that it would be extra soft.
 But the most friendly animal in the park was by far this Hyacinth Macaw parrot! He was so blue we had to take a picture together!
He let me touch him little nose and he enjoyed my company. I've never seen a parrot so happy in my life!
His cage was really big so he could fly away if he wanted to be he decided to stay with me. I knew he was attracted to me!
One of the most awkward moments was when we mixed up this little red parrot with the chattering lory. Daphne said "Excuse me little mister are you Chattering lory?" and the he got offended. I guess his name is Lorius but I am not sure.
This white-throated toucan posed naturally for us. I guess he is some kind of bird model!
 After all this walking we were exhausted and we sat for a while to admire the park.
Meeting and greeting all the animals was a really hard work! Luckily we had with us some amazing cookies which I stole from Daphne's house so we gained some energy to continue our trip!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Conchita Wurst-the equality issues

Hello everyone :) Today's post is dedicated to the bravest person of the year, Conchita Wurst. She is a the Austrian singer who represented Austria and won the Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen. She is a fierce drag queen with an incredible voice and a huge talent, she deserved to win not only because she's an awesome performer,she wore a beautiful dress and sang like an angel but also because she handled with grace and respect all the hate against her.
First of all I would like to mention that I don't consider myself a spoke person for LGBTQA community and I wouldn't dare to compare myself and my everyday problems with their struggles. I just feel a deep love for people like Conchita who are true fighters.
These last days I have seen multiple people writing mean comments on Conchita's facebook page. Also many of my facebook "friends" declared with pride that drag queens are freaks of nature. I was so shocked with all this hate, I can't comprehend how it is possible people in their 20's to have so closeminded and misanthropic opinions.I even heard people say that these people will corrupt young kids. I never knew that a performer would be able to destroy innocent lives and contaminate the society. But besides the fear of the unknown I find it really disturbing to live a life based in hate. There are people out there who are haters, who want to tear apart the LGBTQA community mentally and physically. This time the message that the European people gave is loud and clear, we demand equality since we live in 2014. It is unacceptable to hear death threats and hatefull comments when we should be all united. It is time for some people to grow up and accept that not everything society taught them is right. Conchita was elegant, refined and had the best song in the contest, I can't see any reason why she shouldn't have won. Her sexuality is no ones business, she's an artist and she should be judged just for that.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday #7

Hello everyone :) These days I am thinking about changing my hair color.So I've been looking to some old photos. In this photo I had really long hair and although they were dried out because of the summer sun they looked pretty shinny.
I might return to my natural color, although I am not sure how I feel about this change..I loe my blue hair but I guess I can't keep them so bright forever. I'll have to think about it..


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ella on the keyboard

Hello everyone :) Today I tried to work all day but Ella kept distracting me..She is the kind of the cat that wants attention but pretends that she doesn't.
 Well when she lays on my computer is pretty obvious that she begs me to rub her belly. But she doesn't want only my attention..
 She is the leader of the house and demands to be pet from both of her owners.
And then she lays again on the keyboard ready to sleep.
I really can;t help it, I'm in love with this cat!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Social pressure-changing hair color

I've had blue hair for two years now and I love it. I love how the color changes when I wash them too often or when I go out in the sun without a hat. I love that I can wear a black dress and still look colorful. But I have to admit that it is a constant struggle to have blue hair. I live in Athens, Greece and people are far from open minded, everytime I go out I have to deal with nasty comments and  inexplicable behaviors. I am not sure if I can deal with this situation any longer and also I don't think that it's worth it. I prefer to keep myself away from this drama.
You might think that I am overreacting but I am really tired of people touching my hair or asking if I am wearing a wig. This is not funny any more and I am seriously thinking of dying my hair a more natural color. It is already hard being a woman so this is unbearable. Misogyny runs so deep in the society I almost expect from people to insult and harass me, my hair color is just another excuse to put me down and mock me. 


A day at the Attica zoological park! Part 1

Hello everyone, a few days ago I had my birthday and Gracie surprised me by taking me to the Attica Zoological Park! I've never visited the park despite the fact that it is located close to my home. It just never occurred to me.
Taking selfies at the park. We were so colorful all the little kids were going nuts over our hair. Luckily, we visited the park on Thursday and it wasn't very crowded. The park has over 2000 animals and we made sure to see all of them. Our favorites are birds and cats of course. Look at this cute bird creeping on us while we were taking the above selfie. A lovely hairdo as well.
Here's me riding a turtle. Since my car broke down a month ago, it was a good alternative although not as fast. Notice the lack of little children? The giant turtles weren't a popular attraction.
Another bird, of course. We took loads of bird pictures, but we forgot to take a picture of the leopards. Our favorite animals. They were playing the whole time we were there so it was really fun.
Here i'm posing with the zebra. The African safari was my least favorite exhibition. The animals were mostly asleep and far away and you had to walk around to get to the cats. Also, the weather was perfect. It wasn't shiny (as usual). It was cloudy with a constant warm temperature, which was just perfect. We were able to walk around the park for 3 hours without getting sunburned.
And here is this big bird (Unfortunately, I didn't write down the names) It is said to be the most dangerous bird in the world and I've actually watched a short documentary on animal planet about it. Later that night I dreamt that it roamed free on the streets near Efi's house.

And here is me with the flamingos. They were all jealous of my hair. Sorry birds there's only one pink haired queen in this park today. I'm just saying that they look white compared to my hair here. Overall, the park was great I really enjoyed going and I look forward to going again! The only sad part was that Efi couldn't come since she was working, but we are planning on going again the three of us. So everyone, if you ever visit Athens don't forget to pay this park a visit, it is really worth it.

Do you enjoy going to the zoo?


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday #6

Hello everyone :) This is a really old photo of Ella. She was so small and malnourished when we first found her. Her huge eyes seemed lot bigger on her tiny face.
Even the way she meowed was totally different. Now she is a strong sassy cat with royal coat of fur! She is the leader of the house and she bosses us around.


Colorful Watch Review

Hello everyone :) Today it was a lovely day in Athens and I was wearing one of my favorite polka dot dresses.  Although I love the polka dot pattern, black and white it's not really my cup of tea so I also wore my new colorful watch. Lynn send me this watch from Born Pretty and I am really excited about it.
The colors are so vivid and the plastic band doesn't irritate my skin. I loved how well fit my wrist and even Ella liked it.
Furthermore Born Pretty offers 10% discount if you use the code DAVAC10!
Me and Ella wish you a a nice day!

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