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Thank you for your interest in advertising in our blog :)
It really means a lot of us and will help us build up our blog and offer much more to our readers.

Bubble my Licorice is not just a blog, it is a dream come true.
We started it on a wimp in September 2011.
Within the first few months our blog grew really fast.
Our page views for the month January are 15,525 and the average amount of views in the same month is 450 unique visitors per day.
We are extremely happy and we wish to reach out to even more people. 

We currently have 3 ad sizes (large,medium,small) If you are interested in sponsoring but you don't have a button we can make you one for free!

Super Large Ad
Great spot, will include an interview  and a guest post for blogs.
Interview/giveaway/review for shop owners :)

The Original Medium Size Ad

Will include small interview and guest post for blogs, small interview, giveaway and/or review for a shop owner

Small and Cute Ad

Will include group introduction and maybe a guest post for blog owners. Introduction and review for shop owners :)

Instand check out via Paypal

More details:

1) Giveaways:
If you are interested in promoting your products giveaways is an excellent option! You just sent us the product and we'll make a post about it and offer to one lucky reader of Bubble my Licorice.  Giveaway posts attract the biggest audience you can get!
(offered in all ad sizes)

2) Guest post
A fun way to increase your numbers is guest posting. We'll happily make a great post about your business that will intrigue the readers! (offered for large and medium sizes, group guest posts for small sizes)

3) Review post:
If you would like us to make a review, pack your product and sent it to us and as soon as we receive it we'll make an interesting review about it. Our reviews attract a lot of audience! We can also incorporate the item (if possible) in our outfits posts.
(offered for all ad sizes)

ps. the prices are per month!

For more information and ideas feel free to contact us at

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