About Us

Hello everyone :) We are Daphne and Gracie from Athens, Greece. This is our blog which is our creativity way out. Our blog is about feminism, cats, style, recipes, crafting and everything else that exist in olur little minds

Our story:
We've met during middle school but we really became close friends during High School and have been ever since! We've been through a lot together but our friendship stayed strong through the years. As we were growing up we discovered that we are both really creative. Since then, we started hanging out in Daphne's house creating stuff and discussing ideas. And the peak of these meet-ups was the decision to create this blog. Well, actually we decided this while drinking wine in a local bar haha!

Bubble my Licorice is not an ordinary blog.
Our unique untamed style comes out in every post because a strong belief of ours is that everyone has the right to express themselves and feel free to discover their personality through life.
Everyday is a battle to find the inner you and create a better place to live.
We choose our own path and that's why we can't put a label to our blog or ourselves..
We don't find any interest in the mass culture so we try to make our own  clothes and jewelry. It's actually a part of our identity to create our own image.
A world without hurt and shame will be ideal but until then we won't stop trying make you feel proud of what society says is wrong.
Stay you is the only route to stay happy


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